Friday, 18 December 2009

Suplex #06

Golden Grrrls vs. Boredom Boys

9 Tracks
White tape with clear cases

Golden Grrrls = 3 amazing Glaswegians who make a fine mix of noise and pop.
Boredom Boys = Andy from Teen Sheikhs / Graffiti Island & Merida from La La Vasquez / Weird Menace


Golden Grrrls - Acid Perm
Golden Grrrls - 2 Hip Too Shit
Golden Grrrls - Duane denison Version 2
Golden Grrrls - Dark Times
Golden Grrrls - Black Duct Tape

Boredom Boys - Bad Habits
Boredom Boys - Help yourself
Boredom Boys - Lies
Boredom Boys - No Name

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