Friday, 30 December 2011

Suplex #16

Trencher - All Suffering...Soon to End

Newest 6 track album from London's legendary absurdist casio-grind merchants, who have brought in blackened grimness and drone soundscapes to add to the maelstrom on their latest record. Totally essential.

Same tracks on both sides.


1. All suffering... 
2. Maggots   
3. Fucking a corpse   
4. Vlad tapas 
5. White light/Black plastic   
6. ...soon to end. 

Suplex #15

Weird Dreams - Hypnagogic Lullaby EP

Weird Dreams 3rd release of 50's doo-wop gone punk with that slight dash of glam that made Jay reatard so catchy.

4 new songs following their amazing debut tape on Sleepy King and their split 7" on marshal teller records.