Friday, 6 April 2012


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Friday, 30 December 2011

Suplex #16

Trencher - All Suffering...Soon to End

Newest 6 track album from London's legendary absurdist casio-grind merchants, who have brought in blackened grimness and drone soundscapes to add to the maelstrom on their latest record. Totally essential.

Same tracks on both sides.


1. All suffering... 
2. Maggots   
3. Fucking a corpse   
4. Vlad tapas 
5. White light/Black plastic   
6. ...soon to end. 

Suplex #15

Weird Dreams - Hypnagogic Lullaby EP

Weird Dreams 3rd release of 50's doo-wop gone punk with that slight dash of glam that made Jay reatard so catchy.

4 new songs following their amazing debut tape on Sleepy King and their split 7" on marshal teller records.

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Suplex #14

Fair Ohs - Jams Vol #1 Mixtape

The first maix tape from Fair Ohs is an hour long tape filled with demos, live songs, radio sessions, practice room recordings, 4 track ideas, covers, un-used tracks and wig out psych jams.

25 songs over 60 mins!

 Fair Ohs - Eden Rock by Sleep All Day Records 

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Suplex #13

Trogons - 4 Song EP

4 songs from Londons new psych pioneers, with some 60's nuggets garage punk and swirling psych with a tint of Jefferson Airplane. Ex and Current members of Human Race/Kasms/Betty & The Werewolves/Spin Spin The Dogs etc

Suplex #12 -

The One - Double Life EP

When Joe Ryan isn't kicking out tropical punk jams as the drummer in Fair Ohs, he is busy bringing back the sounds of his 80's upbringing, accompanied by the smooth vox of Emeson.

"The One takes influence from Jam and Lewis', Kleeer and the early eighties era plus other impressarios such as Skinny Puppy, Gus Gus, Larry Heard and Robert Owens. The music could be described experimental electronic soul" 

 Double Life by the one uk 

Suplex #11

Our first compilation of some of our favourite UK bands playing their favourite surf covers or writing surf originals!

With contributions by Lovvers, Fair Ohs, Sauna Youth, The Binmen (1/2 of Lovvers), French Kissing, Sexbeet, The Special Kays (Ruari from Golden Grrrls).

The Binmen - Malaguana (Dick Dale )
The Binmen - Surfin Bird (The Trashmen)
French Kissing - Beach Ball (The City Surfers)
Lovvers - King of the Surf (The Trashmen)
Sauna Youth - Fun In The Summer (The Surf Trio)
Sex Beet - Get Around (Beach Boys)
The Special Kays - Loser Reef (Influenced by The Nautiloids)
The Special Kays - Loser Surf (Influenced by The Nautiloids)
Fair Ohs - Surf C.S.O (Community Support Officer) (Original)

Artwork and design by Dan Reeves

 The Special Kays - LOSER SURF by Suplex 

Keep on chasing those endless bummers!

    Saturday, 24 July 2010

    Suplex #10 = Box Sets #01 + #02

    When we order tapes from the amazing TAPELINE, they always have 1 or 2 extra copies in there, so with these mounting up, we got two nice clear boxes that hold 5 tapes each, put in the left over tapes and loaded them up for 2 lucky people to buy here. Both have individual letraset covers and will come with song details as all tapes are without original artwork.

    Box #01 includes the following tapes, most of which are sold out now:

    An Emergency - Wrecked Angles
    Fair Ohs - Pacific Rim
    Spectrals - S/T
    Golden Grrrls / Boredom Boys split
    Beaters - 6 track tape

    Box #02:

    An Emergency - Wrecked Angles
    Fair Ohs - Pacific Rim
    Spectrals - S/T
    The Sceptres - Discography
    Beaters - 6 track tape

    Suplex #09

    Sauna Youth - Mad Mind EP

    First Press on OrangeTapes
    Second Press on Blue Tapes

    1. Negative Obsessions
    2. My Gold's Bangla
    3. Mild Mild Horses
    4. List Of Power Stations

     Sauna Youth - NEGATIVE OBSESSIONS by Suplex

    Suplex #08

    The Sceptres - Discography Tape

    100 x Lilac Tapes in Green Cases with colour artwork.

    1. Holes
    2. Hireath
    3. Monoglot's Burden
    4. Snake
    5. 210
    6. The Tow
    7. Flatline Generation
    8. I Was a Teenage Meta-Critique
    9. Aspirations
      The Sceptres - Snakes by Suplex

    Monday, 1 March 2010

    Suplex #07

    Beaters - Exorcise

    6 track white tapes in white cases
    black and white artwork on heavy card

    1. Obamanation
    2. Fishage
    3. Dreampunk
    4. Venom Warrior
    5. Contender
    6. White Hate
     BEATERS--Fishage by Volar Records

    Friday, 18 December 2009

    Suplex #06

    Golden Grrrls vs. Boredom Boys

    9 Tracks
    White tape with clear cases

    Golden Grrrls = 3 amazing Glaswegians who make a fine mix of noise and pop.
    Boredom Boys = Andy from Teen Sheikhs / Graffiti Island & Merida from La La Vasquez / Weird Menace


    Golden Grrrls - Acid Perm
    Golden Grrrls - 2 Hip Too Shit
    Golden Grrrls - Duane denison Version 2
    Golden Grrrls - Dark Times
    Golden Grrrls - Black Duct Tape

    Boredom Boys - Bad Habits
    Boredom Boys - Help yourself
    Boredom Boys - Lies
    Boredom Boys - No Name

    Sunday, 25 October 2009

    Suplex #05

    The Light Sleepers - S/T E.P

    4 track tape
    White tapes in White cases

    1. PND
    2. Harmony Profiles
    3. The Wonder Years
    4. Cote Disaster
    Download for free HERE

      The Light Sleepers - PND by Brattwell Recordings

    Suplex #04


    Teen Sheikhs - First Four Months

    10 track tape
    1st Press - Yellow tapes in clear cases
    2nd Press - Green tapes in Green cases

    1. Tapeworms (intro)
    2. Cracked
    3. Don't Touch Me (I'm Sick)
    4. Oil On Water
    5. Annihilation
    6. All Wrong
    7. Double Denim (No Brain)
    8. Dude, Where's My Culture?
    9. Tender Age
    10. Sherley's Cat Book (outro)
    Teen Sheikhs R.I.P
    Check out The Pheremoans, Boredom Boys and Graffiti Island for post Sheikhs action.

    Suplex #03


    Spectrals - S/T E.P

    4 Tracks Tape
    1st Press = Red Tape + Red Case
    2nd Press = Yellow Tape + Red Cases

    3 of these songs have since turned up on Spectrals split 7" with Mazes on Sex Is Disgusting Records and as a B-side to his 7th Date 7"on Slumberland Records.


    Can't We Please Just Stop This Now?
    Don't Mind
    Rot With Me
    It's OK (Not To Be OK)

    Monday, 5 October 2009

    Suplex #02

    Fair Ohs - Pacific Rim

    Blue, Purple & Lilac tapes in Hand spun felt covers, made by Alys Jenkins


    I'm Following You
    Get Sun
    I'm a Woman, I'm Your Wife
    You've Got Teeth
    Kiss Party

    Note# These tracks and 4 others have been collected onto the Pacific Rim 7" on Tough Love Records, ltd to 300 copies out on 22/9/11.

     Fair Ohs - My Spit by Tough Love

      Suplex #01

      An Emergency - Wrecked Angles 

      White tapes in White Cases

      15 Tracks (with bonus songs from the An Emergency / Breakneck Static split 7"*)

      1. Stridor
      2. Deadcats
      3. Light Circles Down
      4. Dude Got a Raw Deal
      5. Lets Get Forgotten
      6. The Swarm
      7. We Were Born
      8. N.S.M.N.S.F
      9. Your Heart In a Million Pieces
      10. Concrete
      11. Mathematics
      12. Badical
      13. Living In Binary
      14. I Don't Think Tom Cruise Is Real*
      15. Avec Pleasure*