Sunday, 25 October 2009

Suplex #05

The Light Sleepers - S/T E.P

4 track tape
White tapes in White cases

  1. PND
  2. Harmony Profiles
  3. The Wonder Years
  4. Cote Disaster
Download for free HERE

  The Light Sleepers - PND by Brattwell Recordings

Suplex #04


Teen Sheikhs - First Four Months

10 track tape
1st Press - Yellow tapes in clear cases
2nd Press - Green tapes in Green cases

  1. Tapeworms (intro)
  2. Cracked
  3. Don't Touch Me (I'm Sick)
  4. Oil On Water
  5. Annihilation
  6. All Wrong
  7. Double Denim (No Brain)
  8. Dude, Where's My Culture?
  9. Tender Age
  10. Sherley's Cat Book (outro)
Teen Sheikhs R.I.P
Check out The Pheremoans, Boredom Boys and Graffiti Island for post Sheikhs action.

Suplex #03


Spectrals - S/T E.P

4 Tracks Tape
1st Press = Red Tape + Red Case
2nd Press = Yellow Tape + Red Cases

3 of these songs have since turned up on Spectrals split 7" with Mazes on Sex Is Disgusting Records and as a B-side to his 7th Date 7"on Slumberland Records.


Can't We Please Just Stop This Now?
Don't Mind
Rot With Me
It's OK (Not To Be OK)

Monday, 5 October 2009

Suplex #02

Fair Ohs - Pacific Rim

Blue, Purple & Lilac tapes in Hand spun felt covers, made by Alys Jenkins


I'm Following You
Get Sun
I'm a Woman, I'm Your Wife
You've Got Teeth
Kiss Party

Note# These tracks and 4 others have been collected onto the Pacific Rim 7" on Tough Love Records, ltd to 300 copies out on 22/9/11.

 Fair Ohs - My Spit by Tough Love

    Suplex #01

    An Emergency - Wrecked Angles 

    White tapes in White Cases

    15 Tracks (with bonus songs from the An Emergency / Breakneck Static split 7"*)

    1. Stridor
    2. Deadcats
    3. Light Circles Down
    4. Dude Got a Raw Deal
    5. Lets Get Forgotten
    6. The Swarm
    7. We Were Born
    8. N.S.M.N.S.F
    9. Your Heart In a Million Pieces
    10. Concrete
    11. Mathematics
    12. Badical
    13. Living In Binary
    14. I Don't Think Tom Cruise Is Real*
    15. Avec Pleasure*